4 Things You Need to Know About Caring for Wicker Furniture

Furniture of this kind can be made from natural and synthetic materials. Natural material is not limited to rattan and also includes other materials such as bamboo and reed that is woven together to produce a mesh pattern that is sturdy enough to support seating.

Although wicker furniture is known for its durability it is also known for its delicate nature. You might want to back away from this type of furniture, but there is no need to worry because caring for this furniture is not as complicated as what you may think.

Here are 4 easy-to-do tips for keeping that Furniture delivery service London in top shape:

Clean the furniture regularly

Ideally you should clean it at least once a week, even when you do not use it regularly, with damp soft cloth or with a small vacuum attachment for those hard to reach areas. You can also use water hose provided that the pressure is kept to the minimum to prevent damaging the furniture.

Remove stubborn stains and dirt using mild soap and warm water. After this, be sure that the furniture is thoroughly dried, either by air-drying or sun-drying it outside, before returning it indoors.

Protect the furniture from nature’s elements

Do not leave this kind of furniture exposed to direct sunlight at long periods of time or for outdoor setting, place a protective covering over it if you are not going to use it often. You also have to consider placing the furniture in areas where it is least exposed to harsh elements such as direct sunlight, wind and rain because too much of these elements will dry out the material making it susceptible to cracks.

Keep furniture dry

In case of accidental spills, wipe wicker furniture dry right away with a soft cloth or if there are major spills it is better to dry it outside after wiping it. Wetness and moisture in the furniture will make it prone to growths of mold, which will damage the furniture in the long run especially if it is neglected.

Refinish occasionally

Repaint furniture if the paint has chipped or flaked off it. To do this you need to clean it first then proceed to applying the first coat of paint using a spray gun, keeping a safe distance from the furniture to achieve an even coating and to prevent paint drips on your paint job.

Do apply a second layer after it has been left to dry for 24 hours. Refinishing the furniture not only restores its lively color but also provides a protective coating from dirt and harsh weather conditions.

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