A Problem Shared – Selling Property in the Current Market

In recent months we have seen a growing number of customers unable to sell their homes. With timescales reaching the 10 week mark, and estate agent offices selling on average 8% of their stock, home sellers are being left stranded on the market.

People looking to sell their house face huge competition in the current market. From people selling to go into rented selling a home in Oro Valley AZ property to developers offering homes with incentives, there is also someone looking to steal the buyer.

What we face is a market of uncertainty for buyers, who may view over 20 properties before making a choice. All of this provides an environment where neither the seller nor the buyer feels in control. It could appear almost against all odds that a property is bought or sold and completed.

The thousands of properties, and customers, that we work with annually provide us with an insight into this market. We see the reasons why transactions don’t proceed, and the factors that combine to create a successful sale. This experience cannot be underestimated, and we work closely with our customers to pass our expertise on. From simple tips on valuations to in-depth discussions on the complexities of a chain, the impartial advice provided is significantly different to the service provided by an estate agent or solicitor. We believe that this tried and tested guidance is the best way to place the customer at the centre of a property transaction, with enhanced communication, information and advice all concentrated on their best interest.

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