Do You Have What it Takes to Climb Everest Base Camp?

Climbing Mount Everest is no small affair; in fact, even climbing to Base Camp at Everest is quite a feat and one that only the most adventurous and fittest people can accomplish. There are actually two base camps on Mount Everest, one in Nepal on the south side of the mountain and one in Tibet to the north. These camps are the very lowest altitude areas on Annapurna Base Camp Trek Guide that can be hiked, and dozens of treks go to these camps each year, particularly in spring when temperatures are at their warmest.

The South Camp in Nepal sits at an altitude of more than 5,300 metres, while the North Camp in Tibet is a bit lower at 5,200 metres. These extremely high conditions make altitude sickness one of the most common ailments of climbers in the region. In order to climb to one of the Everest bases, you need to be incredibly fit and capable of climbing at high altitudes. It is preferable to train at a high altitude, such as hiking in the Swiss Alps or North American Rocky Mountains.

There is no specific age requirement for hiking to the camps, as mountaineers aged 16 to 64 have ascended it before. The most important thing is that you are in good enough physical shape to take on the rigorous hiking and conditions at Everest.

Those wishing to climb Everest must also have plenty of gear – proper hiking boots, socks and clothing designed for extreme conditions, as well as a thermal sleeping bag and other gear for repelling.


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