NewsExciting News: Destiny 2 Introduces Exclusive All-Black Shader Into the Light

Exciting News: Destiny 2 Introduces Exclusive All-Black Shader Into the Light

The highly anticipated Into the Light update for Destiny 2 is set to introduce a long-awaited feature that has been on players’ wishlists. It’s not the Recluse or Midnight Coup that’s causing a buzz, but rather the introduction of a fully black shader. This exciting update is scheduled to go live on April 9, as revealed during a recent livestream.

The Fashionable Side of Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 community has a thriving fashion-centric following, with the DestinyFashion subreddit boasting an impressive membership of over 250,000 individuals. It’s commonly stated that “Fashion is the true endgame” within these circles, highlighting the importance of customization and personalization. The upcoming Superblack shader, which made its debut in the original Destiny, is anticipated to be a hit among players and fashion enthusiasts in the sequel, as per the latest devstream on March 26.

Preview of the Superblack shader showcased during the Into the Light Developer stream.

Unlocking the Superblack Shader

Superblack is intricately tied to activities and vendors introduced in the Into the Light update, specifically Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40. To obtain this coveted shader, players will need to engage with both vendors. Acquiring the Superblack shader involves obtaining two unique keys: Shaxx’s Superblack Key Alpha, which appears to unlock after achieving a full rank reset with him, and Arcite’s part of the key, which is linked to the completion of weekly quests. Both keys are essential for players to unlock the Superblack shader and enhance their customization options.

Enhancing Customization with Shaders

Shaders play a pivotal role in customizing characters in Destiny 2, offering four-color palettes that can transform the appearance of armor and weapons. Choosing the right shader is crucial as it can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your gear.

While many shaders incorporate black, they often mix it with other colors. For instance, the Jacarina shader includes black, dark gray, light gray, and white hues, which may not always result in the desired all-black look. Players have encountered issues where black doesn’t shade correctly or unexpected colors like light blue appear on gear pieces, despite not being part of the shader’s palette. Jacarina is notorious for such inconsistencies among the shader options available.

A guardian showcasing leg armor adorned with the Jacarina shader, featuring prominent blue and white accents.

A New Era of Customization in Destiny 2

The introduction of Superblack fulfills a longstanding request from players for a reliable all-black shader. With the Into the Light update arriving on April 9, players can embark on the journey to acquire Shaxx and Arcite’s keys to unlock this sought-after shader. While obtaining Superblack may require some effort, it promises to elevate the customization experience for dedicated guardians who value personal style.

Exciting Content in the Into the Light Update

In addition to the Superblack shader, the Into the Light update brings a wealth of new content to Destiny 2, including a horde mode and a collection of classic weapons with updated perks. Bungie has scheduled another development stream for next Tuesday to showcase additional features and enhancements coming with the update, adding to the anticipation surrounding the game’s future.

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