Natural Treatment for Cold Sore – Alternative Methods to Fight Off the Fever Blister Virus

Many people desire a natural treatment for cold sores because some remedies can be expensive, and carrying a fever blister around on their face can be embarrassing. They occur on the face, usually right around the mouth. During a conversation, people are looking at your visible face and moving lips, and it just can’t be hidden.

Cold sores usually remain present for about nine to twelve days, passing through the various stages of the life cycle of a blister. During this time, there is pain and swelling, they grow in size, and then they will eventually dry up in the end. When the fever blister dries up, it may leave a dark spot behind for a while, and it is tempting to scratch the itchy skin, which is not good for the healing. Be gentle to the area.

When the herpes simplex virus 1 attacks and creates the blisters, there are some precautions that should be taken.

As a sore starts to take shape, it should be cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution or gel, and then it should be cleaned with a disposable piece of cotton. Pain, itching, and swelling are three symptoms occurring at the affected part of the face when the virus goes on attack. If the area is touched while this is occurring, please thoroughly clean your hands followed by a sanitizer, and prevent spreading the virus to other parts of your body and especially other people.

After cleaning the blister itself with an anti-bacterial solution, one can apply dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or protamine zinc to the location. The protamine zinc aids in recovery, and it is estimated to improve the recovery speed by about thirty percent.

DMSO is also a good medication in treating blisters as it can get through the exposed cells to kill the present bacteria. sulfoxide liquid oz ml pharmaceutical is usually applied every other day, and it is used to aid the prevention of a cold sore recurrence.

An alternative treatment for cold sores is toothpaste, when the two above options aren’t readily available. It can provide some comfort and relieve the pain when applied to the fever blister. People have used toothpaste for years as a treatment because it contains those chemicals that provide a soothing effect to the sore.

The herpes simplex virus 1 is a virus that is anaerobic, so it does not thrive when in the presence of large amounts of oxygen. Exercising will increase the body’s intake of oxygen, not just during exercise, but also during resting periods. Extra oxygen in the body aids in killing the unwanted anaerobic virus attempts at outbreak, preventing the occurrence of cold sores.

All the costly lotions, creams, and medications will become unnecessary to treat fever blisters when a healthy lifestyle is achieved. Improved food choices, balanced diets, reduced drinking, and elimination of smoking are positive directions for the natural treatment for cold sores.

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