NewsSubsea7 Lands Major Contract for Woodside’s Deepwater Oil Field

Subsea7 Lands Major Contract for Woodside’s Deepwater Oil Field

Subsea7 Secures ‌Major​ Contract​ for ⁢Woodside’s Deepwater⁢ Oil ⁣Field

Overview of⁢ the ‌Contract

Subsea7 has ⁣announced a ‍significant contract ​with ⁤Woodside Energy‌ to provide subsea installation services for a deepwater oil project in the ‌Gulf of ⁣Mexico. This contract ‌is considered to be substantial and marks an​ important partnership ⁢between the two companies.

Details of the Trion Project

The Trion‌ project, a joint venture between Woodside and Pemex, involves a wet tree subsea system⁣ connected to ⁢an infield floating production unit (FPU).⁢ This project⁢ is crucial for the development of deepwater resources in the⁤ region.

Scope of Work

Subsea7 will ⁢be‌ responsible for the engineering, construction, and installation of subsea umbilicals, risers, and flowlines, as well as associated subsea structures. This comprehensive scope of work highlights the company’s expertise in delivering complex subsea solutions.

Timelines and Activities

The project ⁤management and ​engineering activities will commence immediately from​ Subsea7’s offices in the U.S. and Mexico.⁤ Offshore⁢ operations are expected to take place between 2026 ⁤and 2027, showcasing⁢ a well-planned⁢ timeline for project execution.

Industry⁢ Recognition

Craig Broussard, Vice President ⁢for Subsea7⁣ Gulf of Mexico, expressed pride in‌ the partnership with ⁣Woodside and ‍highlighted ‌the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and ⁢reliable solutions. This​ collaboration is a significant milestone for both ⁢companies in the Mexican⁣ deepwater ⁤sector.

Project Location and Key Approvals

The Trion field is strategically located ⁣south of ‍the U.S./Mexico border at a ​water depth of 2,600 ​meters.⁤ Recent approvals from⁤ Mexican⁣ regulators and the Ministry of Energy‍ underscore the project’s adherence to regulatory standards and social impact ‍assessments.

Project Development and​ Partnerships

The project will involve⁣ the construction of an‌ FPU with‍ an oil production capacity of 100,000 barrels⁣ per day, connected to an FSO ⁣vessel with​ a substantial oil capacity. Key partnerships ⁤and contracts have been ⁣established to ensure the successful development‍ of the⁣ project.

Financial Outlook and Future Goals

The​ total capital expenditure​ for the Trion project is⁢ estimated at $7.2 billion, with⁤ Woodside bearing a ⁣significant portion‍ of this investment. The project’s ‌first oil production is ⁣expected in 2028, ‍marking a⁢ significant milestone in deepwater exploration.

In⁤ the past⁢ few months, a ⁢series ​of significant⁢ updates have been shared regarding various offshore projects. These updates showcase the progress and developments within the ‍industry. Let’s⁣ take ‌a closer look at some of the⁣ recent updates:

1. Trion FPU Source Woodside: A photo was shared two months ⁤ago‍ related to⁣ the ​Trion FPU Source ‌Woodside ‍project, indicating ongoing work in the offshore ​sector.

2. Gulf of Mexico Project Delivery: A post from three months ago⁢ highlighted Trendsetter’s involvement following‌ the successful delivery ​of ⁢a project in the Gulf of Mexico, showcasing the⁤ company’s continued ‍work with Woodside.

3. Active ⁣Tendering by Subsea7: ‍Just 14 days ⁤ago, ⁢news surfaced about Subsea7’s⁢ active tendering process, leading to​ a ‍backlog at year-end levels last seen in 2013. This update reflects the ‌company’s strong‌ performance and growth in recent times.

4. Salamanca FPS Audubon: A recent update from 2 days ago featured the‌ Salamanca ⁤FPS Audubon project,‍ shedding light‌ on the latest developments in this specific offshore ⁣venture.

5. Subsea7 ‌Pipelayer Innovation: Approximately a month ago, a post‌ highlighted Subsea7’s⁤ innovative approach by introducing a pipelayer equipped with ⁣a full electric ⁢Huisman crane. This update signifies the industry’s ongoing commitment to⁣ technological‍ advancements and sustainability.

Overall, these ​updates provide a glimpse⁤ into the⁤ dynamic and evolving⁤ nature of ⁤the offshore industry,⁤ showcasing advancements, collaborations, ⁣and technological innovations that shape the sector’s progress. Stay tuned for⁤ more updates and insights on‌ the latest developments in the ⁢offshore wind market.

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For more information on Woodside’s⁤ latest developments and projects, you can visit their official ​website.


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