NewsUK Firm Secures Late Life Optimization Job for Three North Sea Platforms

UK Firm Secures Late Life Optimization Job for Three North Sea Platforms

Optimizing Late Life Inspections at North Sea Platforms

On March 1, 2024, Imrandd, an industrial data and engineering consultancy based in the United Kingdom, secured a contract to execute a late life inspection optimization program for pressure systems on CNR International UK’s remaining producing platforms in the North Sea.

Ninian Central platform; Source: CNRI

The primary objective of this contract is to analyze existing data from CNR International UK’s offshore installations in order to determine opportunities for adjusting or eliminating inspection requirements. While CNR International UK is in the process of planning the decommissioning of the Ninian Southern and Ninian Central platforms, production is expected to continue at Tiffany.

Imrandd’s Founder and CEO, Innes Auchterlonie, emphasized the importance of optimizing late life strategies to ensure cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency, especially as the industry shifts towards decommissioning. Managing offshore infrastructures involves a delicate balance of utilizing historical inspection data and incorporating new insights from ongoing inspections to enhance performance and reduce operational costs.

Imrandd’s team of industrial data scientists and engineers will assess the risk, probability of failure, and integrity status of safety-critical equipment to develop management plans focused on cost reduction while maintaining integrity. The company’s EXTRACT software will be used for digitizing legacy asset information, with plans to deploy advanced Large Language Models for deeper insights during the project.

According to Auchterlonie, data analysis and actionable insights play a crucial role in achieving commercial and operational objectives. Imrandd’s partnership with CNR International UK aims to equip the operator with reliable information to facilitate informed decision-making for effective late life integrity management.

Imrandd recently reported a 27% increase in revenue during the third quarter of 2023, attributing this growth to winning 11 contracts. As a result, the company expanded its team by hiring 13 data scientists and multi-discipline engineers, bringing the total headcount to 63.

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Maximizing Efficiency and Performance at Offshore Energy Platforms

Enhancing Productivity through Late-Life Optimization

Published: 8 months ago

Companies in the offshore energy industry are constantly seeking ways to improve the efficiency and performance of their platforms. One effective strategy that has gained popularity is late-life optimization. By implementing targeted changes and upgrades in the later stages of a platform’s lifecycle, operators can extend the platform’s operational lifespan and maximize productivity.

Case Study: Three North Sea Platforms

Recent developments in late-life optimization have been evident in the North Sea region, where several platforms have undergone significant upgrades to improve performance. For example, the Nini platform operated by INEOS recently underwent a series of enhancements that resulted in a notable increase in production output. This success story highlights the tangible benefits that late-life optimization can bring to offshore energy platforms.

Key Benefits of Late-Life Optimization

There are several key benefits associated with late-life optimization for offshore energy platforms:

  • Extended Operational Lifespan: By implementing targeted upgrades and improvements, operators can prolong the operational lifespan of their platforms, resulting in long-term cost savings and enhanced productivity.
  • Increased Production Efficiency: Upgrading key systems and components can lead to a significant improvement in production efficiency, allowing platforms to extract more resources in a shorter amount of time.
  • Enhanced Safety and Environmental Compliance: Implementing the latest safety technologies and practices through late-life optimization can help ensure that platforms meet the highest safety standards and environmental regulations.

Driving Innovation in Offshore Energy

As the offshore energy industry continues to evolve, late-life optimization has emerged as a critical strategy for maximizing efficiency and performance at offshore platforms. By investing in targeted upgrades and improvements, operators can unlock new levels of productivity and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


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