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Kid Kapichi: The Beat-Punks Bringing Rock and Movie Magic to the UK StagesetUp

In recent times, the Hastings band Kid Kapichi has been gaining significant attention as they have shared stages with renowned artists like Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood, and Nothing But Thieves. Being chosen to open for Liam Gallagher at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall was a standout moment for the band according to guitarist and co-vocalist Ben Beetham. Touring with Nothing But Thieves provided them with valuable experience on larger stages, allowing them to showcase their energetic performances.

Their latest album, titled There Goes The Neighbourhood, marks a progression in their music style, blending punk and psychedelic rock influences to create a unique sound. Tracks like Tamagotchi and Get Down demonstrate their fusion of overdriven guitar tones with innovative synth effects, resulting in a dynamic and explosive sound.

Ben describes their musical direction as a blend of spacey rock reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age intertwined with the edginess found in Guy Ritchie movies. To achieve this sound, Ben utilizes a dual rig setup consisting of a Line 6 Helix for futuristic tones and a traditional pedalboard and amp setup to maintain the raw rock essence.

Ben’s preferred guitar is a 2009 Japanese Telecaster reissue paired with a Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb combo and a Marshall JTM cab. He expresses a desire to expand his amp collection to cover a broader sonic range, showcasing his dedication to crafting the perfect guitar tone.

On his pedalboard, Ben incorporates a Visual Sound Double Trouble for versatile distortion, a Russian Big Muff clone for a signature sound, and the Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork for added depth. Additionally, he utilizes a POG2 for lower octave effects and DigiTech Polara reverbs to create a lush atmospheric sound inspired by the ’80s Lexicon reverb style.

New Album Release: “There Goes the Neighbourhood”

Experience the latest release from Kid Kapichi, “There Goes the Neighbourhood,” available now through Spinefarm. Dive into the unique sound of this new album and explore the sonic landscape created by Kid Kapichi.

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Unleash your passion for music with “There Goes the Neighbourhood.” This album promises to deliver a fresh perspective on rock music, as Kid Kapichi showcases their talent and creativity in each track. The album is a must-listen for music enthusiasts looking for something new and exciting.

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For music lovers seeking unlimited access to top-notch content, “There Goes the Neighbourhood” is a perfect addition to your playlist. With a subscription, you can enjoy Kid Kapichi’s latest release anytime, anywhere. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of “There Goes the Neighbourhood.”

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Join the growing community of fans who have already dived into the world of Kid Kapichi’s “There Goes the Neighbourhood.” Whether you’re in the US or the UK, affordable pricing options are available for monthly or yearly subscriptions. Immerse yourself in the music and join the journey with Kid Kapichi.

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Experience the thrill of “There Goes the Neighbourhood” by Kid Kapichi. Dive into the captivating sounds and unique style of this new album, available now on various platforms. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the musical journey with Kid Kapichi.The Neighborhood Transformation: A Shift in Atmosphere”

In recent years, the once quiet and low-key neighborhood has undergone a significant transformation. This shift has brought about various changes, not only in the physical landscape but also in the social dynamic of the area. From new developments to an influx of residents, the neighborhood is experiencing a renaissance of sorts.

Emerging Trends and Development Projects

One of the most notable trends in the neighborhood is the rise of mixed-use developments. These projects combine residential, commercial, and recreational spaces in one area, creating a vibrant and diverse community. With amenities such as parks, restaurants, and shopping centers, residents have everything they need right at their doorstep.

Additionally, there has been a surge in eco-friendly initiatives within the neighborhood. From solar panels to green spaces, residents are increasingly prioritizing sustainability and environmental consciousness. This shift towards a more eco-friendly neighborhood not only benefits the planet but also enhances the overall quality of life for residents.

Social Dynamics and Community Engagement

Alongside these physical changes, there has been a noticeable shift in the social dynamics of the neighborhood. A sense of community spirit and camaraderie has emerged, with residents coming together to organize events and initiatives. From neighborhood clean-ups to block parties, the sense of unity and togetherness is palpable.

Furthermore, there has been a renewed focus on inclusivity and diversity within the neighborhood. Residents from all walks of life are welcomed and celebrated, creating a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds. This diversity enriches the community and fosters a sense of acceptance and understanding among residents.

Challenges and Opportunities

As the neighborhood continues to evolve, there are inevitably challenges that arise. Gentrification, rising property prices, and displacement of long-term residents are all issues that need to be addressed. It is crucial for stakeholders to find a balance between progress and preservation, ensuring that the neighborhood retains its character and heritage.

Despite these challenges, there are also opportunities for growth and innovation. By embracing sustainable practices, fostering community engagement, and promoting inclusivity, the neighborhood can thrive and prosper in the years to come. With careful planning and collaboration, the transformation of the neighborhood can be a positive and enriching experience for all residents.

In conclusion, the neighborhood is undergoing a profound transformation that is reshaping its landscape and social fabric. By embracing emerging trends, fostering community spirit, and addressing challenges head-on, the neighborhood is poised for a bright and promising future. As residents come together to create a more vibrant and inclusive community, the neighborhood continues to evolve and thrive in exciting new ways.


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