NewsThis glitchy Palworld build will help you easily defeat Bellanoir Libero Raids

This glitchy Palworld build will help you easily defeat Bellanoir Libero Raids

Thanks to one Palworld player’s odd decision to build around the Summoning Alter, everyone has quickly found an easy way to complete the game’s hardest Raid.

With Palworld adding Raids, the community was quick to find the best ways to grind Slab Fragments to start and complete Raids for the rare items given as rewards. Now, just a few weeks after Raids were finally added to Palworld—and thanks to GeneralHenry on Reddit—clearing Bellanoir Libero Ultra Raids has become easier than ever, and all you’re actually going to need is a few key Pals to get the job done.

Bellanoir Raid Battle  with numbers in PalworldGet ready to skip the rumble! Screenshot via Dot Esports

Since you need to build the Summoning Alter in your base, finding a clear spot to get this glitchy job done is the first step, or you can just set up a second base purely to use for Raids to avoid accidentally destroying structures. Using a Pal with a high Handiwork Work Suitability trait, like Anubis, you will need to craft two small objects like a Wooden Stool on top of each other, which then allows you to place the Summoning Alter atop them. After you build the altar, you can deconstruct both stools and build a Campfire.

The goal here is to summon Bellanoir Libero so she spawns over the Campfire and takes consistent damage from the flames, allowing you to easily finish the boss off using a gun or bow at the last second. To do this, however, you need to summon the Raid Boss and quickly get out of the way so she doesn’t have anything to lock on to—thus keeping her in the trap. “Campfire is the embodiment of Death God or whatever in Palworld,” GeneralHenry wrote.

To achieve that, you should have a Pal like Jetdragon or Fenglope on hand to mount before placing the completed Bellanoir Libero Slab into the Summoning Alter. You just need a Pal fast enough to escape the alter’s summoning zone before Ballanoir appears to avoid being noticed. 

If you do this process correctly, Bellanoir Libero will spawn in and immediately start taking something roughly close to 9,900 damage multiple times per second for around a minute. The damage will slow down shortly after the Raid timer drops below nine minutes. Prepare your weapon at this point. To actually get the rewards from the Raid, you need to hit Bellanoir at least once during the battle, so doing it at around the eight-minute and thirty-five-second mark is optimal, especially if you hit her head and cause stun.

As noted in the Palworld Reddit thread, the location of your base doesn’t matter since you can do this strategy basically anywhere. You will need to keep your environment in mind for outside factors, however, as even wild Pals running around the Raid area will potentially cause Bellanoir Libero to react and move out of the trap.

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